Restaurant Burgermeester (2007)

Concept and design for a chain of ecological and sustainable hamburger restaurants in Amsterdam, De Burgermeester (freely translated into ‘Master of Burger’ but in Dutch also has the meaning of mayor).



My Task

  • Formulate business process (with client)
  • Designer and concept advisor
  • Construction consultant and supervisor




Together with the founders of this successful Amsterdam start-up I worked out the new business process for the restaurant which subsequently served as a basis for the floorplan. As a designer and consultant I contributed to the overall design and concept, e.g. the interior and façade and the company brand / image. I also helped with finding a suitable property and conducted the construction supervision. The restaurant has been a success and now has 3 branches in Amsterdam, where the same design format and concept is used.

The long, slender, narrow space (which is typical for Amsterdam) had to facilitate a program of both a kitchen as well as several comfortable and inviting seating units for the first restaurant. Inspired by the American diner, different booths with a high backing have been placed along the wall, surmounted by pictures of the Blondes d’Aquitanes cattle used for the hamburgers. Opposite the seating is the open kitchen where customers, entirely according to the philosophy of De Burgermeester, can see how the organic and ‘fair’ food is prepared. The oak flooring continues into the bar which is, like the kitchen, lined with stainless steel. In the extension to the rear is a skylight fitted to bring daylight deep into the building and to accentuate the walkway between seating areas and kitchen.