Fountainhead (2005)

Design for residential block of approx. 90 apartments in Amsterdam (oostelijke eilanden, Borneo Sporenburg).


Technische universiteit Delft

Msc 1 – Arcitecture & Modernity

My Task

  • Designer (as part of team of 2)


  • passed exam with grade 9/10
  • not built


Goal of this project was the transformation of the typical closed Amsterdam tenement block. With a fellow student I made a design for a large apartment building on a site that was designated for the last “superblock” in the famed Amsterdam district of the eastern islands, the “Fountainhead”.

The block consists of two parts that frame a semi-sunken courtyard. The building volume follows the oblique lines of the urban structure. Lifting the northernmost block creates on the one hand a good orientation on the sun for all southern facades where outdoor seating areas are situated and on the hand provides sight lines at the water from the street and the southern block. The configuration of apartment types allows for a variation of the southern facade and a meandering internal structure with different housing types and qualities. The northern gallery unlocks the apartments and gives a protection against the weather by the glass curtain wall.