Single gallery ultra (2003)

Design for a gallery, as the final examination of the Architecture bachelors program in the department of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences of the Technical University of Delft.


Technical University of Delft, faculty of building sciences

6th semester (final examination) of the bachelor program

My Task

  • Designer (urban, architecture)


  • passed exam with grade 8,5/10
  • not built


Center for Arts Witte de With in Rotterdam invites five contemporary artists for a period of half a year to the Netherlands for a temporary exhibition. The design assignment consisted of a temporary exhibition space / artists house on the north bank of the Maas, specifically made ​​for the artist, in this case, conceptual artist Dan Graham.

The program consists of a gallery of approximately 700 m2 with a small office of 20 m2 and a workshop / storage area of 50 m2. The aspect of temporality is interpreted and reflected in the design and detailing of the building. The design is based on the artist’s conceptions. The gallery aims to a sense of confusion, disorientation and surprise, more or less as the artist tries to do with his art. The design should not be seen as a copy of the art, but as an extension of the whole experience that the art should recall. The main, generic aspects of the design are: the facade concept, the geometric design, the use of natural elements, and the construction.