New Regional Topclinic Intervention Centre for MCA (2009-2012)

Development of a new regional highcare intervention centre in Heerhugowaard, Noord Holland, as the main hospital location for the MCA-Gemini Group, with a dimension of approx 55.000 gross sqm.


Medisch Centrum Alkmaar

(MCA-Gemini Group)

My Task

Projectmanagement and advisory at CEANconsulting – (healthcare)


In development

completion scheduled for 2017


In 2010 I formed and supervised, as a senior advisor / projectmanager at CEANconsulting, the selection procedure for  the selection and contracting of a total design team for the RTIC project (architect cepezed, installation consultant Deerns, constructive advisor ABT, care advisor C + C). After selection I worked in close cooperation with the design team in the initial en preliminary design stages for the RTIC (2011-2012). Later, in summer 2012, I transferred from my previous employer CEANconsulting to the architect of the design team, cepezed, after which I only played a marginal role in the further development of the project as an intern auditor and source of knowledge.

As project manager at CEANconsulting, I was the first point of contact for the design consortium and I worked intensively with the architect in the development of the design. My role was introducing, explaining, monitoring and recording the project requirements (PoR and mutations after user participation), monitoring and evaluation of phase documents, facilitating decision-making by the client (MCA), creating support for and communication of the design to the organization, and contacts with the municipality with respect to procedures, durability, safety, traffic, etc.

Skills Involved

Strategisch advies

  • Strategische analyse vastgoedportefeuille en vastgesteld vastgoedbeleid MCA-Gemini Groep.
  • Strategische locatieanalyse en besluitvorming locatiekeuze voor nieuwbouw in Heerhugowaard.

Financieel advies

  • (Financiële) scenarioanalyse en business case voor nieuwbouw (investering ca. €160 mln.).


  • PvE (F/R) voor innovatief Regionaal Topklinisch Interventiecentrum (ca. 50.000 m2 BVO).


  • Opstellen procedure en begeleiden besluitvorming t.b.v. selectie van ontwerpconsortium.


  • Contractonderhandeling en –management t.a.v. overeenkomst met het ontwerpconsortium.
  • Begeleiden van contractvorming met gemeente Heerhugowaard over aankoop locatie.

Project- en programma management

  • Projectleider nieuwbouw, verantwoordelijk voor de aansturing van het ontwerpconsortium, afstemming met gemeente en bewaken voortgang en projectkaders.
  • Assistent-programmamanager / klantmanager: strategisch advies en begeleiding, stakeholdermanagement, communicatiestrategie, bewaken kaders en faciliteren besluitvorming.