Oldenhove Overveen


Housing project in which luxurious apartments are combined with group living for psycho geriatric patients.


Stichting Sint Jacob


My Task

Projectmanagement and advisory at CEANconsulting – (healthcare)


In development


Stichting Sint Jacob, an organization that provides in healthcare and housing for approximately 1.200 elderly clients in the city of Haarlem, needs a complete transition from the current outdated nursing homes to a portfolio of modern, up to date and well fitted buildings. The new housing should reflect the current conception of the company, which is aimed at offering a wide variety of choices for its inhabitants. As a consultant I formulated the long-term property strategy and translated it to a plan to be carried out over a periods of 10 years (the portfolio consists of 11 buildings with a combined gross square feet of 100.000).

As the trusted advisor of the board of directors of Sint Jacob I worked on:

  • Strategic Property Plan for transition of outdated care and nursing homes tot modern living facilities, total investment volume approximately € 170 million
  • Financial assessment and risk analysis of real estate strategy and care concepts, comprehensive multi-year operating forecast (real estate and health care) with specific targets for the business.
  • Assistant program manager / client manager in strategic consulting, stakeholder management, communication, monitoring frameworks and facilitate decision-making.
  • The second major project to be conducted in line with the new long-term strategy was Oldenhove in Overveen. It used to be an outdated nursing home built in the sixties, positioned in a beautiful surrounding. The current building is to be demolished and will be replaced by a new volume, in which luxurious rentable apartments are combined with subsidized group living for psycho geriatric patients. This combination is a  new concept in the Netherlands.

    Skills Involved

    • The business case for the new development
    • Developing integrated residential and care concepts; formulating the design requirements for the new building, in which luxurious apartments are combined with group living for psycho geriatric patients..
    • Representations of the client in design teams to make sure the formulated requirements were properly translated to the design solution.
    • Preparation and supervision of bidding procedures in which parts of the portfolio has been put on the market and cooperation with professional real estate players has been sought.
    • Negotiation of contracts and pricing with real estate companies
    • Financial control of contract documents (intention, development and turnkey contracts).